Sunday, June 22, 2014

Not the post or week I planned!

Liam's little adventure began Thursday morning when he went to move sprinkler pipe at a farm where he works.  He slipped in the mud and landed on a piece of metal.  He did not realize he had cut himself very deeply and continued on with his job.  This picture is after I took him to town for stitches and his doctor commanded him to go to the Orthopedist the next morning.  He enjoyed laying around all day but not missing swim practice, work, or his first triathlon.

Waiting for the knee doctor, by this time Liam was in serious pain.  The doctor pulled horrible fluid out of the knee and ordered immediate surgery to clean out the knee and determine the damage.  The doctor was so emphatic he made me nervous and I was glad when he changed his mind about sending us to SLC.

It was a long day waiting for the 5 pm surgery but Liam never complained.

The doctor marked his knee just to be sure, notice how small the cut looks....but the knee is swollen and hot to the touch!

Post surgery, Dad is trying to help Liam get into his pjs and get comfortable.  We knew half the staff and the anestesiaologist. Nice thing about small town hospitals.

Hugh brought Liam some things to keep him occupied and Liam was grateful because it was a long 36 hours in the hospital.  He is home now but must return to the hospital every 6 hours for iv anitbiotics.  We are very blessed the piece of metal went clear into the knee joint but did not damage any tendons, cartalidge, or bone.  However, there is massive bacterial infection which the doctor feels he completely cleaned out and now they are treating what had already moved into the blood stream.  So it is a crazy life around here right now, especially since our dear missionary comes home in 18 days and we are totally unprepared.  Unprepared but oh so very grateful!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Good Job Everyone!!

We actually accomplished a great deal this week and I could not be happier with all the progress we have made outside.  The chicken yard is done and ready to have plants strategically placed in it...I wish I had a picture of it...there are two smaller coops now and we have six Rhode Island Red hens in one of them.  I need to paint them white and pink to go with the big coop but that may be a few weeks down the road.  So far the outside cats have respected the hens and just hang out when we are outside.  We also finished deep weeding the lavendar bed, replaced the dead plants, laid weed barrier and covered it with wood chips.  I am thrilled with how it looks.  There is one more big project by the goat pasture but I am most likely going to wait For Cody to tackle that one:).  The really big news today was that we finally fixed the time!!!
Brenton was all over the honey do list today and still made it to choir practice for Stake conference!

Hugh obviously worked hard and then collapsed:)

The golden boys were also excited to see the trampoline be fixed, they like to take siestas on it.

Cody's dog just because!

Worth the time and effort....

It was a good Saturday!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

14th Birthday...APTE river trip....swimming...shearing...Liam's big week!

Liam asked for a triple layer cake but there was enough batter for four...

we had to break out the mega mixing bowl that we usually save for big popcorn nights!

Batter is yummy...

Bubba came in just in time to make frosting, the aviators are perscription....or at least that was her reason for being so cool...

Bubba makes the best chocolate frosting ever!

Saturday's swim meet was rough...Liam had a bad dive and swallowed a bunch of water and he was worn out from camping for three days prior.

There were an lot of 'farmer' tans at the meet::)
Hugh was not happy to have Liam leave for three days but he really helped me out with chores while big brother was off playing.
Tuesday morning Mike Summers came to shear lambs for tag day, Hugh did not like holding the carcass lambs...His show lamb practically sits in his lap.
Mike does an amazing job and is a great guy, don't tell him though he will get a big head.
This is what the living room looked like when Liam was packing for Aronic Priesthood Training Camp (ATPE)..crazy fun time he says.  They rafted part of the Snake River and went to the Twin Falls temple for Baptisms...too cool!

And just when did he get permission to grow into a handsome young man....not good!  He had such a good time at his campout...but man I missed him and his piano practices.  He is learning one of my favorite songs "Jessica's song".  Well I will say good night for now I am trying to do this blog, email my missionary, and chat with a friend on Facebook while preparing for the week so I should probably wrap this up!!!  What a good week!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

More randomness from the old Iphone...

Hugh loving on Copper and Copper loving on Hugh.

This photo is from the 2013 fair, Moira was helping Mike out in the Ewe class.

What happens to dogs that sleep during read aloud time.

Hugh did not like the taste left in his mouth after getting sealants on a few teeth.

Halloween 2013, The Garn's dropped by to show us their cool costumes.

Hugh had a hard time waking up after quiet time one day.

And this is why we love the goats and put in all the work it takes to keep the herd happy and healthy.

The boy and his dog.

Liam and Brenton working on a science experiment...I think it involved balloons, expanding things and foam spraying all over the kitchen.

Liam's very first swim meet in October 2013.

Liam gleefully counting his lamb money.
We have so many pictures that have yet to be filed or printed or had anything done with them.  But at least they are around so that one day our history will be there for us to see.  All these came off my phone and are true to our daily lives.  Love this family of mine! 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Random Week...

Bear spent many hours staring out the toy room windows at the kitten....sometimes he even rested his chin on the window sill and just stared. 

This is the tiny kitten that Bear is so obsessed with...he is just visible under the bike tire in the highly organized shed.  There were three kittens to begin with but we have not seen the other two in some time.

We started building the chicken yard today, it is laid out and the fence post holes are all dug, Brenton is amazing to dig in this horrible clay soil.  The fence will go up on Monday and the we will start planting various things for the girts to munch on during good weather.  The little coop is from some neighbors who had to get rid of their hens. 

This is the second coop from the same will have some remodeling and reenforcing added to it and then it will go inside the yard for the next group of hens.  We are getting a half dozen Rhode Island Reds from Liam's boss so we can keep the egg supply steady.  The gold hens will probably lay one more year, the neighbors had had them for three years I think.

Ah, the garden!  Bubba helped me lay out some 'raised' rows for the tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.  We put the zuchs where the pumpkins used to be and will add onions on Monday.   The boxes are for the potatoes and we have to get some more soil before we plant them on Monday.  We are also adding one more box so there will be five.  The single boxes next to them are actually the last row for the boxes but they don't go on until the plants have grown. 

Thor, Brownie, and Oreo have been relocated to the old sheep pasture in an effort to take down some of the weeds.  I don't have a picture of Bubba's new garden spot but will get one up soon.  We are grassing in everything that is not planted or designated for something.  I am too old to pull weeds like we did this year.  I was more worn out than after a marathon.  Perhaps if there was a cheering section?

This guy worked like crazy today and I am so grateful he is willing to help with my ideas.  One day he might even decide horses are a good idea.

Dad' sidekick hung in there most of the day and then got out the pvc pipe guns and ran around a lot.

This was a good week a trip to the ortho, lots of swimming, a trip to town that included A and W, Bubba went back to work after having her Wisdom teeth out, and we sold the last of the goat kids.  Bubba has had a rough week though and we are all a bit concerned that she is still having a lot of pain concerning her teeth.  We are starting to wrap up school but will probably do a few unit studies and of course finish any book that is not completed over summer but more formal school will end next Friday.  And since Liam is already working for Matt at the farm it will make his schedule more flexible.  We also worked lambs several times and Liam put a hole in his brand new swimsuit....more to come later. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Just a regular week...

Liam had his first outdoor swim meet and Hugh took pictures since I was in Ogden with Moira at the oral surgeon.  She had to have her wisdom teeth removed and there will be no pictures of that even per Moira.

Liam in the 50 freestyle, he improved his time by 4 seconds.

Hugh managed some good action shots for one of his first times with a 'real' camera.

Go Liam!

Note the 'farmer' tan!

Liam and Dad (Brenton) checking the time sheet...

Ok, this is actually on Easter Sunday but I ran across it and wanted to share.  This is Jake and Rachel's little girl, Stella Ray.  She is a little doll.

Flashback number two!  We met Bubba at Aggie Ice Cream up at the University to celebrate the end of her second semester and her straight 'A' report card!  We are all very proud of our Bubba!

We have also been working hard on the garden this week but I will not take pictures of it until it is less pathetic looking.  I am hoping to get the planting done by next Saturday if we can manage it.  There is a  soccer tournament next week that Brenton hopes to ref at and Bubba is in recovery mode from her teeth situation, I feel for her pain is no fun.  And pain without food is even worse!  One more thing Bubba was selected to read an essay at the Voices Symposium as the best in her English 2010 class....pretty impressive!