Sunday, June 22, 2014

Not the post or week I planned!

Liam's little adventure began Thursday morning when he went to move sprinkler pipe at a farm where he works.  He slipped in the mud and landed on a piece of metal.  He did not realize he had cut himself very deeply and continued on with his job.  This picture is after I took him to town for stitches and his doctor commanded him to go to the Orthopedist the next morning.  He enjoyed laying around all day but not missing swim practice, work, or his first triathlon.

Waiting for the knee doctor, by this time Liam was in serious pain.  The doctor pulled horrible fluid out of the knee and ordered immediate surgery to clean out the knee and determine the damage.  The doctor was so emphatic he made me nervous and I was glad when he changed his mind about sending us to SLC.

It was a long day waiting for the 5 pm surgery but Liam never complained.

The doctor marked his knee just to be sure, notice how small the cut looks....but the knee is swollen and hot to the touch!

Post surgery, Dad is trying to help Liam get into his pjs and get comfortable.  We knew half the staff and the anestesiaologist. Nice thing about small town hospitals.

Hugh brought Liam some things to keep him occupied and Liam was grateful because it was a long 36 hours in the hospital.  He is home now but must return to the hospital every 6 hours for iv anitbiotics.  We are very blessed the piece of metal went clear into the knee joint but did not damage any tendons, cartalidge, or bone.  However, there is massive bacterial infection which the doctor feels he completely cleaned out and now they are treating what had already moved into the blood stream.  So it is a crazy life around here right now, especially since our dear missionary comes home in 18 days and we are totally unprepared.  Unprepared but oh so very grateful!

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